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Velka Kurva "Meaner Than Evil" Premier

Velka Kurva comes in swinging with a killer trash rock banger that breeds elements of classics and brings some new touches along with high octane performances and an energy that you can belt out with.

"Meaner Than Evil" is a powerhouse for sure and kicks right in with riffs and a sound that feels familiar, almost like you may have heard this track from somewhere before.

Guitars are crunching and vocals are melodic but edgy. This track gives the feel of a mix between old school Machinehead. Metallica and Motorhead.

Guitarist and drummer are certainly having a blast and you can hear that clearly.

This does have a growling undertone and quite a fun attitude and character that comes through with an aggressive push especially with those drum fills just super on point and smashing the set with every hit.

The song has a great melodic backbone and plenty of the metal vibes we grew up loving but it also takes that and turns up the volume and intensity a few notches and al with a badass hook that sticks with you.

It's excellent to hear a great band influenced by so many different styles of hard rock and metal and to hear that all really show face in different parts of the track is memorable to say the least.

Get this one up loud!

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