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Twin Void Global Premier

Twin Void just dropped a gritty fuzz rock track with all the brutality and energy of Sabbath and Sepultura, and threw in some desert rock and grunge to brighten things up.

"Put A Little Death In Your Step" is full of life and a crushing sound that infiltrates your brain and melts you from the inside out.

This track is like trying to to find your footing in a earthquake. Buildings crashing down around you, the ground splitting open, and you're just fighting to stay alive.

An attack on your earholes from beginning to end, "Put A Little Death In Your Step" destroys everything for about 4 straight minutes so make sure you give yourself some breathing room.

A total monster movie of a single, crank it up and blare it in the face of someone who annoys you on a daily basis.

Get ready to be cremated by Twin Void.

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