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Troublemaker - Waco

Troublemaker, a band fronted by the talented Kat James on guitar and vocals, has defied the passage of time. With the unwavering dedication of Robert Hampton also on guitar and vocals, Mel Gilmore on drums and vocals and Tony Hiebel on bass and vocals, this enduring rock group has firmly established itself since its formation in 1982. Notably, Troublemaker proudly holds the distinction of being the longest-running female-fronted band in the state of Texas.

I recently had the pleasure of listening to “Waco” which happened to bring me a good amount of nostalgia. There was a time when music like this was pumping out of radios and speakers across the country. It doesn't as much anymore but I greatly appreciate the fact that the band is keeping the flame alive.

To my ears, "Waco" resonates as a captivating rock ballad that draws upon a multitude of influences from the late '80s and early '90s. This pop/rock song notably encapsulates the essence of the Waco area, deriving inspiration from the prevalent issues and extensive media coverage that characterized the region.

As the song commences, the melodic union of cymbals and guitar establishes a solid foundation, swiftly followed by the powerful entrance of the entire band. The sheer magnitude of the sound feels like it was meant for an arena, with the lead guitar effortlessly soaring and seizing your undivided attention. Gradually, the music settles into a lush and serenely calming verse that is thought provoking and contains well written lyrics. The guitar resurfaces with a touch of distortion, accompanied by James' vocals reaching higher octaves, adding a profound intensity to the composition.

This is the type of song that takes you for a ride. The vocals are the center of the song but the whole band has a chemistry that is undeniable. They sound like veterans who are comfortable playing in a room together and that was palpable.

If you appreciate a good anthem you should enjoy this.

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