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Touch The Buffalo - Bodhicitta

Touch The Buffalo's latest EP, "Bodhicitta," unveils a sonic narrative that goes beyond the confines of its indie rock roots. Intrigued by the enigmatic title, I delved into the meaning of "Bodhicitta" and discovered its profound significance in Mahayana Buddhism—representing a mind aimed at awakening, steeped in wisdom and compassion for the well-being of all sentient beings. As the opening track, "This City Is Burning," unfolded with its mid-energy rock vibes reminiscent of 2000s indie rock, I couldn't help but draw connections to the overarching theme of Bodhicitta.

The EP, however, proves accessible to listeners of all backgrounds; one doesn't need to be a Buddhist to appreciate the depth of the lyrical content. Tracks like "In Six Heads About It," "The Carpenter and The Nurse," and the poignant "Hope’s Song" showcase the EP's structural finesse. The songs seamlessly intertwine, creating a cohesive musical journey that elevates the entire listening experience.

Touch The Buffalo's musical craftsmanship, from the lyrics to the powerful dynamics, stood out for me, injecting a level of emotion and humanity often absent in mainstream chart-toppers. Closing with the climactic "Hope’s Song," the EP reaches its zenith, bringing all elements together in a compelling and emotional crescendo. Touch The Buffalo delivers the goods with "Bodhicitta," leaving me eager to witness the promising trajectory of this talented act and anticipating future musical endeavors.

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