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Tom Mac

Tom Mac is a travelling Australian singer-songwriter and storyteller hailing from Western Victoria, with an innate ability to seamlessly engage his audience with his heartfelt and relatable storytelling, catchy lyrics and acoustic soundscapes. ​ After releasing his debut single Aware in 2021 and follow-up single Macedon, Tom spent 2022 recording his debut EP. With the first single California on My Mind already capturing some steady momentum after play listing on Spotify and being featured on ABC Radio, Joy FM and a handful of independent stations, 2023 is looking to be an exciting year. ​ His 'Hearts Are Strong' EP tour continues through QLD throughout winter and into summer, having been added to 3 festival line-ups already. His follow-up single and title track of the same name is set for release 22nd June with two more singles and the EP following shortly thereafter. ​ Be sure to catch Tom at a show in the coming months! ​ Also follow his music on streaming and socials, the links of which can all be found at

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