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Tom Galloway Blends genres with Rearview

The latest EP release from Tom Galloway touches on Americana, classic rock, and even soul effortlessly and with a heartfelt energy that you just can't beat.

Rearview is a passionately performed record with all kinds of contemporary instrumentation and topped off with the set of pipes Galloway was blessed with.

The songs run through real southern twang complete with lap steel and fun loving catchiness.

Each song takes on a bit of a life of it's own and really does have it's own energy that makes it a perfect counterpart for the last.

Made up of seasoned musicianship combined with a youthful gusto, Rearview packs a great country rock punch that teeters on the edge of Tom Petty and feels good to listen to.

The full EP is certainly a bit of a musical journey and songs flow together seamlessly.

An outstanding EP release from an clearly experienced songwriter.

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