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Thea Lissi Tells It Like It Is With "Heartless Romantic"

Thea Lissi hits us with a new single and this one has a smooth and edgy R&B style to it that hits all the right sweet spots with a sultry and all that addictive swagger we love her for.

"Heartless Romantic" comes from that place in all of us that wants to speak out. Problem is, we don't have the gift of songwriting to let it out like Lissi does.

The artist always uses her experiences and that emotional undertone as the base of her tracks and with each new release, there is a new musical direction she takes without straying too far from her staple feels.

"Heartless Romantic" breaks a bit of new ground for Lissi as it leans more towards a more hip-hop-based R&B tonality with a unique pop hook in the verses that really grabs you. The hooks are always there with her tunes but this one pulls it off differently and it's awesome really.

Lissi has the presence of a major artist. She's like an R&B Taylor Swift if you will. Her songs are varied in style, but you always know it's her, and she always pulls from her life to put into a song. (our favorite part of her style).

Her stuff is just relatable all the time.

We all know that "Heartless Romantic". A friend. An Ex. A person we just met.

Either way, the song embodies the things we want to just look them in the face and tell them.

Thea Lissi never fails with those "hell yeah, exactly" moments.

That's the stuff of good songwriters.

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