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Thea Lissi tells her story with "Little White House"

Thea Lissi has had a lot of single releases in the past months and she's not stopping anytime soon thankfully.

The newest one is a vast and deepening track that brings a true to heart R&B feel with touches of that Thea Lissi edginess undertoned just subtly.

"Little White House" is an intense but floaty single that takes a classic R&B beat and laces it in with guitars and backing vocals that swim around the song and catch you when you aren't even looking for it.

This artist always lets out her emotion and not just in the performance but also in the lyrical content,

It's one of our favorite things about her as a artist and it keeps us coming back every damn time.

Some tracks have a stand up inspiration that makes you feel like you can push through just about anything. Some songs, like this one, come across a bit more submissive and it's a perfect balance for her.

Lissi shows all of her sides, not just one or two. And we really need to see these sides to understand her as a whole, through her music.

She writes music that talks about chapters and events in her life that affected her in different ways, whether it's pain, hurt, happiness, struggle, or strength.

The bigger factor is that she always makes her songs relatable.

You get them. You nod your head as you sing along with the chorus.

We hope she never loses this honesty and this fire that makes her keep dropping songs like this one.

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