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The Watters Drop a Massive Soul-Pop Album

A new album release from The Watters brings with it a warm funk tonality that bleeds tons of soul, and it comes together with this sort of vintage gospel undertone that feels welcoming and good to listen to and this is in part because it comes with this robust and lush character that you end up really loving.

Now, the character of this record is not the only lush aspect of it because the LP comes with a massive array of beautifully performed instrumentation that all have that same level of soul and attitude.

The Duality LP gives you everything from horns, organs, pianos, live drums, and vocals that wrap themselves around you and keep you right where they want, and the level of persona that this all gives is wondrous at times and throughout the record, you get these vintage tones at times that give a certain aesthetic to the record and some of these songs feel like you've been listening to them on classic rock radio stations for decades.

One of my favorite aspects of this whole record is the sheer fact that it feels almost like a live performance at times because the players are just feeding off of each other and this lets the songs kind of feel alive and breathing in their own way.

The way that they blend this sort of contemporary current pop feel and vibe along with this classic and vintage funk and soul is amazing and the whole thing comes with a certain vibrancy and color that you just can't shake off.

This record was completely refreshing, and you can tell that there was a lot of attention to detail when creating it, but you can also tell that it's got tons of heart and lyrically you get honesty and personality throughout it all.

It's been quite some time since I've heard a genuine soul record like this and performed with such a full-fledged and full-bodied approach that paints vivid pictures in your head and does an amazing job of sending these excitable and warm vibes.

This is one album I can say that you should really try and listen to from beginning to end because although there are a handful of singles throughout it without question, listening to the full album is the proper way to soak it in.

This way you're not missing out on the full spectrum and range of what the album actually has to offer which is plentiful.

There's just a great robustness and authentic sort of aesthetic that this record delivers, and it feels sort of joyous like you can tell that everyone involved was just having a ball putting this thing together because that feeling comes through in the music.

There's a lot of charisma and just a beautiful energy here and you can tell some of these songs came from genuine places and have a deeper meaning to them while others just have this great feel-good jive to them that you cannot help but dance to.

That's another thing. This is an insanely danceable record, and you will find yourself moving your body to the deep grooves that this thing provides on a non-stop basis.

The vocals are gorgeous, and the music has life behind it.

This whole record just comes together seamlessly, and you'll find yourself singing along with certain songs by the second time around easy.

This record gets a 9 out of 10 straight up.

The Watters have captured a particular aesthetic and brought it into a current platform making it their own and bringing in these wondrous pop elements to vintage tonality that works and on top of all of that, they do it with a charm.

Stop what you're doing and check this out right now. Seriously it's a ridiculous record.

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