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The warming folk sounds of Kendra Blethen

The latest Ep release from Kendra Blethen breathes roots folk with a passion and knack for story telling with descriptive and alluring words while songs swell and grow into cinematic pieces that you've been engulfed by without realizing it.

The Pilgrimage EP is strung together with love and emotion as strings become evident, pianos scatter in the distance and progression changes make the hairs on your arms stand up.

There is so much detailed heart on this record that it automatically enables you to access memories you may have thought you lost long ago.

An incredibly emotionally driven EP that derives itself from real life. Songs are like chapters and melodies are like the emotions they invoke.

Before you know it, you are washed away. The music has taken you somewhere and keeps you afloat wherever that place is.

It's quite a beautiful thing to feel and it's quite sometime since a record has done such a thing.

Blethen is an absolute natural and never misses a note, never loses her passion, and gives the feeling of seeing her play live in front of you. Right there in your room, just you and her.

Pilgimage is a deepening and wonderfully crafted EP.

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