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The warming and passionate sounds of Rachelle Klein

A new release from Rachelle Klein brings a beautiful set of cinematic and vividly [performed and written songs that touch on a contemporary pop undertone and keep colors bright and performances passionate and genuine.

The Til It's Light EP portrays such wonderous character and personal tonality that it becomes so addicting and even cause memories of your own to just pop into your head.

It's one of those records that make you think, it makes you feel, and you almost immediately relate to it.

Guitars twang and create lush atmospheres as vocals come through soft and smooth with outstanding harmonies and paint with such a gorgeous palette.

You find yourself getting washed away with some of these songs and it actually just feels great to let it happen the way it was meant to.

Backing strings help create this theatrical and emotionally driven soundscape.

Her choruses are always these silky and perfectly woven hooks that have feeling and always manage to show her presence as an artist so well that you end up falling right in love with it all.

This record is bursting with vibrancy and color, with mature songwriting and youthful energy, Americana lurking just beneath the surface of half the songs, and just a sweet and graceful approach to just about every aspect.

It becomes perfectly clear that Rachelle has a true love for her craft and when we say that we mean songwriting and not just performance vocally.

You can also hear that special thing in her singing though. That thing that lets you know she was likely singing along to songs on the radio as a kid and was actually harmonizing with the notes even then.

This was warming and a really personal good time.

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