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The Theatrical and Genre Morphing Music Of mark Houston

A new single released from Mark Houston turns out to be a beautifully performed pop rock cross over that blends folk elements that lead into the songs heavy handed chorus to create a massively colorful track that feels theatrical and full.

"Whispers In The Dark" is like an entry in a diary and recalls things personal to the artist as the songs acoustic guitars and swelling sounds fill the air surrounding you and the song builds into its bright pop hook again and before you know it, you're bopping your head and singing along.

The track is descriptive and arranged carefully and performed with heart throughout as you can clearly hear the love Mark has for his craft.

It's cinematic tonality seeps out and you know the song came from someplace real.

Digging deeper into the artists previous releases, you can hear his evolution in songwriting and though it's all quite amazing, "Whispers In The Dark" feels like a step up from it all.

You can also see hoe he doesn't hold much back when recording his material and really lets loose in terms of ideas and experimentation until he finds that thing he wants and goes on to perfect it.

This was a wonderful single and well worth your time and playlists to say the least.

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