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The Sweet & Warming Sounds Of Simone Nicole

The newest release from Simone Nicole is a beautiful contemporary pop song with some Americana undertone peaking through tastefully enough to give the song a unique pallet.

"Tangerine" feels like a dream or a memory. It's warm and comfortable as synth pads flow under acoustic guitars and Nicole's alluring vocal style.

There are so many memorable hooks in the song and the chorus feels big but mellow.

"Tangerine" has a wonderful way of breathing and feeling alive while the song swells with sounds that surround you and bring up emotion and a freeing feeling.

It sounds like a summer song in its own right. A song that sneaks up on you and gets you caught up when you least expect it to.

What's even better is the singles wonderful accompanying video which also has a way of tugging at the heart strings and does look like a memory for Nicole as she does an amazing job of portraying her life experience on screen.

Of course, for an artist that's been releasing music since at least 2010, she's got these things down well.

This track is a passionate and vibrant one that hints at classic alternative pop and you're likely to add this one to your playlists.

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