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The Sparkle And Fade Rock With A Message

The Sparkle & Fade released a new single and it's a classic pop-rock attack right from the get go.

"Live Life Out Loud" is a massively fun track that gives the feel of bands like Metric while bringing a freshness and songwriting style made for radio.

A chorus that's beyond addicting and feels like an inspirational and uplifting alternative pop banger, "Live Life Out Loud" incorporates a message that's actually pretty important.

"We owe is to ourselves to see the better days". Something people don't always focus on when we should.

A message delivered with a bright and colorful style we hope will become a staple of the bands sound.

Piano hooks, and synths surround the guitars and vocals while drums hit hard in true arena rock fashion all create a big atmosphere and when the song ends, you kind of do feel inspired. You feel good and realize what they are saying is true.

This is an awesome track to start the day with honestly, and it's great for so many types of people. A radio friendly current feeling pop-rock track with lots of heart.

You'll end up adding this one to a playlist or two without a doubt.

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