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The Shook drops a radio worthy EP

The Shook just dropped an EP that's loaded to the brim with alternative radio rock complete with addicting choruses and a killer attitude.

The Retrograde EP brings some wild and fun guitar riffs to the table, vocals that have some character and style, and a bit of a 90's rock style peaking through.

You can hear grunge influence shine through and an aesthetic that makes you think of a cross between bands like The Toadies and Black Sabbath and it all gives us the warm and fuzees to listen to.

The record isn't without it's massive pop attributes as well of course. There are some deep grooves, tremolo guitars and a tasteful amount of gloom undertone.

The record has songs that feel familiar and is packed with hooks both vocally and musically left and right.

This band has a very staple sound they've grown and it's all hitting the nail on the head. Right down to the bass tone even.

This was a vision that came to fruition damn well and anyone who has a love for alternative pop rock, grunge, or anything with some drive and catchiness will love this EP.

The Shook has a perfect energy that gives the songs life. Check this record out as it's more than worth your time.

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