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The Rock Stylings Of Delphi Ravens

A new EP released from Delphi Ravens brings to light a warm but slightly edgy combination of alternative and classic rock that all gets delivered with a beautiful level of passion and has a way of portraying a massive amount of character keeping you listening closely.

The Sensations EP spans six tracks and throughout those tracks, you get a bit of a wide array of rock styles, and to me, the energy that's given off through the course of the record makes it an arena rock approach and it's all done with this excellent balance dynamically between that harder edge and this more soulful and floating undertone that's mostly given from the vocals.

One of the things that becomes most addicting about this record are the lyrics because each one takes you through a little bit of a different story told from a little bit of a different perspective, but it all feels very personal.

You have great rock riffs with intense drumming and organs that fill the air in the background pushing that classic rock vibe even further and you can definitely tell that this is a band of seasons that know exactly what their goal is when they're writing a song and have a really great time doing so.

I also thoroughly enjoyed the elements of harder rock that border and even blues and gypsy approach and with these songs you also get some experimental production, and this gives the record a little bit more of a feeling of being alive.

You really do become engulfed by the lyrics and find yourself really paying attention to everything the vocalist is saying throughout the songs and part of the music and the lyrics both together is what gives the record a sort of dark edge at times.

Her almost angelic and drifting vocals come through with a certain haunt depending on what the song is and what her notes are of course.

I've definitely missed some solid guitar solos in rock music as of late and with this release I really feel like that hole has been filled and I appreciate that more than this band knows.

This is a genuine rock record and that combination of old and new, hard and soft, edgy and delicate, all really work well together to give you something that fulfills all these different needs rock-wise.

At times you can even hear punk rock peeking its head through from time to time as one of the many influences this band draws from and that might be from each player bringing in their own particular influence to these songs.

Either way, it really works like a charm, and you get something that's not reinventing the wheel exactly, but it's got its own unique feel and when you hear it you know it's them.

You do get a staple feel when it comes to Delphi Ravens, and I think that says something about the character of this band and how they portray themselves.

For those who are into real rock music, this band is for you and what you've been missing.

Delphi Ravens proves to be one of rock's best kept secrets.

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