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The Reggae Pop Rock love of Long Arm Rex

One of the latest single releases from Long Arm Rex is a reggae infused pop rock song that gives a fresh breezy feeling and lays out some addictive vocal melodies and attitude.

"My Summertime Girl" is a wonderful showcase of a powerful youth in songwriting that really does get influence from classic styles and can bring in their own twists and turns while holding true to the sound all the way through.

The track feels good to listen to and the energy on this one is exciting with a colorful aesthetic and an insanely danceable groove.

There's honestly nothing not to love about this track as it comes off almost like an instant classic.

Percussion is on point but tastefully so with all kind of added fun, guitars and bass and the rest of the band are all deep in the pocket but it's all done with heart and life.

The vocals are exactly where they should be. Performed with love, vibrancy, and character.

"My Summertime Girl", released originally as a single, is part of the bands spanking new EP called Welcome Home which continues the staple sounds of Long Arm Rex with something different sprinkled on each new song you hear.

Jump into this EP and start with "My Summertime Girl", you won't be disappointed.

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