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A Vivacious Album From The Marsupials

A recent album release from The Marsupials brings out a vivacious and brilliantly executed combination of Indie and folk rock that come together with such a lush character that you pretty much can't look away.

The End Times Are Nigh album presents such a killer energy that's so unique it feels like these songs were recorded live on the floor because it's as if all the players are just feeding off of each other's energy the entire time and that in itself gives it so much of an alive and breathing sort of vibe that you get sucked right into this record.

The guitar work across the span of this record is outstanding and the way that it all comes together gives you more of an experience than just an album, and you're able to really get engulfed in everything this record has to offer including that persona and that character which is something that is delivered with such an excellent sonic presence.

You can definitely hear some classic rock influence flowing throughout the veins of this release and the songs seem to tell these stories from different perspectives and at times can really paint vivid pictures in your mind.

There are two reasons why this album should be listened to from start to finish all the way through and the first is because the songs feel like the interconnect with each other in different ways as if this were a concept record.

Now, I might be wrong about that, but it makes sense to me when I listen to the record.

The second reason is that although there are singles that stand out to me here and there, I do feel like listening to this record as a whole is how it was originally meant to be soaked in.

This is an aspect that I absolutely adore because I come from a time where you would hear a song on the radio and go out and buy the vinyl record, or cassette, or CD and you would go home and listen to the whole album.

Albums are created for you to have a sort of experience and just get wrapped up in everything that it's offering you and this is something that a lot of bands and artists don't do enough of anymore and it's not their fault.

We live in a single-based society with shorter attention spans than ever before and I feel like it takes bands like these guys to be able to open people's eyes again to full-length records that you feel like you'd want to go why you listen to the whole damn thing.

But I digress.

The record has a gracefulness to it and you can tell that everyone is having such a great time creating it.

There's plenty of attention to detail throughout the creation of these songs but it never loses that persona and you can also tell that everybody has a real love for their craft and I don't just mean the instruments that they're playing, I mean the craft of songwriting together to create something impactful.

A lot of these tracks are very memorable but the whole album itself is the most memorable of everything.

Some of these tracks have classic grooves and hooks that stick with you for hours after the song has ended, jazz backbones, Funk undertones, and so much more to offer.

It's an incredibly danceable record.

This is a very good time and again, I heard you to listen to this record from beginning to end and just escape your reality for a little bit because it feels good, especially with this record as your excuse.

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