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The Lovedogs Bring on Some Classic Rock In A fresh Style

A fresh track from The Lovedogs is a cinematic indie rock song with an anthemic undertone and a bopping bassline that drives the song into an almost late 90's alt-pop rock style.

"C'mon Baby" is absolute fun influenced by all sorts of classic rock of all kinds and boasts plucking guitars, and atmospheric synth pad sound that fills the air, and a chorus that won't quit.

This track really gets under your skin in all the best ways. That hook sticks with you and you'll likely find yourself humming it to your self much later on in the day.

These guys know how to write a catchy rock song that has a mellow undertone and still features some killer energy that seems youthful and alive.

The single is one of two recent releases, the other being a track dubbed "Dalkeith Steps" which feels more like classic punk rock and has all the swagger and attitude you'd want from a song of the genre.

These guys have a great character and combine a harder rock sound with an almost 1960's style of songwriting which is part of why they are so addicting.

Throwing in some distant guitars in the ether is a staple for the band and it's clear The Lovedogs are paving their own way in the rock arena and having a damn good time doing it.

Dig into these tracks when you can, you won't regret it!

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