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The Latest Release From Dave Barrett

Dave Barrett is a singer/songwriter from the Chicago area who is releasing his latest album Stockton Ave after a long hiatus from music. His first album was Kittybone in 1995 and he released Fate and Stitched in 2003 before life got in the way and Barrett had to take a long break from music. It was when the pandemic hit that Barrett finally got the chance to start writing music again. He called these sessions the “Covid Writing Sessions,” and Stockton Ave is what came out of it. From the get-go, the music is revved with a pulsating energy to it. Barrett belts out the lyrics at the top of his lungs and the sound can go from serious to fun-loving at the drop of a hat! Stockton Ave gets started with the rollicking “Dance With Me.” Upbeat strumming on the guitar reels in a pop sound. I was getting a mix of pop rock and country when Barrett’s vocals came in. This was a happening track with some great energy. It definitely had me bobbing in my seat in no time. On the title track “Stockton Ave,” chord progressions on the acoustic guitar come in and Barrett sings in a somber voice. I was getting Dylan vibes. Eventually, some drums and piano come in to back Barrett’s vocals. I loved the energy of this track. Barrett definitely hits it out of the ballpark. The sounds of horns are also a great addition here. More strumming on the guitar arrives on “In The House That Is Empty.” This seemed to be a more serious approach from the artist. Barrett sings with somber detail. I was getting melancholy vibes here. Some synths enter for an airy feel. This proved to be a very atmospheric and moody song. Some piano comes in for a melodious sound on “Turn Around.” Xylophones enter for some unconventional instrumentation. On this piano-ballad, Barrett belts out the lyrics with mood and feeling. I thought this was a soaring track that was emotionally powerful. More acoustic guitar accompanies Barrett’s vocals on “Touch And Go.” The sound was searing and moving. I loved how stripped back this song sounded. Though simply rendered, the emotional resonance was huge. Some funky keys arrive for a revved feel on “Dance On The Sidewalk.” Next, some strumming on the guitar lights up this track. This proved to be another dance-worthy song from the artist. Barrett shows us a good time with this energized and catchy track. On “Simpleton Galore,” more guitars in the country-bent vein reels us in for a rollicking folksy tune. This track felt very warm and bursting with energy to my ears. I was reminded of Mumford & Sons. I enjoyed the simmering and dynamic vibe coming from this song. Some strings enter the sound on “What Love Can Do.” The sounds were lush and stirring. Next, Barrett’s vocals come in and he sings with tons of feeling. This was another track in the pensive vein that will leave you thinking. With a revved start, the music was very full-on and filled with energy on “Heroes Of Our Day.” Off to a jaunty beat, the contagious music was a real treat to the eras. Barrett proves he’s still got it with this happening finish. I think Barrett has made something great here that generations down the line can enjoy. His vocals that are tinged with a touch of country and the rollicking music that backs him up are both something great to experience. I’m glad Barrett picked up the guitar again and wrote these songs. I think we’re much better for it. With that being said, give this album a try. There is tons to enjoy!

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