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The Hyperdrive Kittens Hit The Scene With A New Ep Release

A brand-new release from The Hyperspace Kittens hits a number of hard rock and punk attitudes and styles complete with guitar harmonies, gritty tones, and edgy but catchy hooks that all work well for the band's character.

Songs on this EP hit hard and do it with style and guts as the sounds are fiery and full with energy and aesthetic that we have been missing for some time.

You get everything down to rockabilly swing tracks that feel like they are straight out of a screen play and it rips with rolling snare drums and bendy guitar solos that feel like it's straight from the 60's.

This was one of the most colorful and outlandish rock EP's I've heard in ages.

The whole Meow Factor record is actually incredibly surprising, and each song brings something completely different but pleasant.

Acoustic pop singles that are so memorable that you end up singing them in your head for days, high energy rock with southern punk and gritty soul, classic rock swing singles, and so much more within a 4-song spectrum.

This record has more going on that most 10 track albums do and it's endlessly fun.

So, once you dig into this one, check out previous releases as well because if you like these, you'll like even more.

You can tell this band thrives by creating their music and a lot of heart goes into it all.

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