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The heavy alt-pop of Fearless Union

Fearless Union released a soulful and shadowy alternative pop EP called Propaganda Holotape and it's edginess touches on everything from 80's pop to dark wave and more.

There is a slight gloom to the record as it plays through it's ambient synth pads and belting vocals coated in effects and bellowing from a personal place.

The record is seriously danceable with 90's beats that hit harder than a punch to the gut and a swaray of keys with a driving energy that doesn't et up.

This is certainly a fun EP and it is actually quite difficult not to get up and start getting down to its top heavy grooves.

Loads of inventive percussion and production bells and whistles and all done with that tasteful grit that makes the record so addictive.

There is a youthfulness to it's vibe and it sounds like making it was a great time. Listening to it is a damn great time so it must have been fun to create.

There is always something new and little surprises behind each new door it has to offer.

A great listen and vibrant to say the least.

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