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The Hard Rock World Of Haniz

The latest single release from Haniz is an alternative rock banger with classic rock undertone and some hardcore energy.

"Another Space And Time" is a hard rocking melodically driven track with the grit and attitude of some of the greats.

Half time choruses and pounding drums blend with heavy progressions and lead guitars as the song gives way for a metal breakdown that feels mosh pit worthy.

Haunting backing vocals swell in the background and gives the song an ambience that flows together tastefully.

The track is part of a series of singles released this year from the artist. The anthemic "Like A Light" is a massively destructive song that incorporates several genres like atmospheric electro-rock and even grunge.

The cool thing about Haniz is that there is always something a little new to bring to the table with each song. All with some catchy and crushing riffs and loads of bendy leads to have fun with.

Check out Haniz on all major platforms today, it's all pretty killer.

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