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The Hangovern Hits It Hard with A Full Album Release

An album release from The Hangovern blends of righteous and sonically driven combination of classic rock alternative rock, pop rock, and even grunge at certain times but it all has its own Spin and is bursting with color and character that you end up latching right onto.

The In Vertigo album produces an energy that has the air of a live performance where the players are just feeding off of each other the entire time and this gives the record this added drive and punch that helps it push the envelope just enough to really hit that aesthetic they're going for.

This record has insane riffs and guitar tone along with experimental and psychedelic undertones with a feel that seems like some of these songs were straight from the 70s.

The vocals are animated and in your face a lot of the time which goes right along with the energy of the actual band themselves who are just shredding and thrashing out at free will with memorable riffs and hooks left and right.

These guys make me think of old-school bands like MC5 for example and it's that combination of color and edginess that lets them hit that mark so perfectly.

The drumming in this band is absolutely everything and across the record, you have this element of perfection and tightness but also a looseness that adds to that persona and that live energy as well.

It actually feels like some of these songs or maybe even all of them were recorded live on the floor.

Now, of course, I could be completely wrong about that but, listening to the record still makes you want to see these guys alive simply because if the energy is captured on record so damn well then seeing them live must just be outstanding.

It's been a long time since I heard a record that was so alive and breathing, packed with charisma, vivaciousness, vibrancy, and heart all rolled into one but still hits like a sucker punch to the gut the whole way through.

Such a killer aesthetic and all these songs completely come through with this thriving soundscape and just showcase the band's absolute love for their craft and when I see that I don't mean playing their instruments or just singing, I mean writing songs together that feel good and bursting them out into the world.

There was a lot of attention to detail in terms of the guitar tones, the base tones, and even the way the drums were recorded all feed into that same kind of energy and aesthetic which picks you up and puts you in a completely different place.

The record is a sort of escaping you can get pulled away from your surroundings while listening to it which is why I suggest you listen to the full album from beginning to end.

I come from a time where listening to records like this one, classic rock thrash massiveness, we're done by going to buy an actual vinyl record, cassette tape, or CD and then taking it home and listening to the whole thing even though it was only one song that drove me to it.

The thing is, when you take that record home and listen to it the whole way through it's an experience more than just a record.

I feel like we live in far too much of a single-based society these days and I'm super happy to have bands like The Hangovern not only providing purebred classic rock and roll with high octane and blistering sound but doing so in the form of a full album again.

This makes me joyous and grateful to have come across this band as I am definitely going to be looking forward to whatever else they put out from this moment on.

Having said that I also have to mention that upon listening to this record I did go back and listen to some of their previous releases and it's really fun to go from their original self-titled 2014 EP up to now to see how the band has evolved musically.

This was a brilliant record that showed loads of Rock and Roll heart and a love for the genre straight up.

Be 100% sure you turn this one on loud because it sounds amazing that way.

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