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The Guize Drops A Fun Rock Music Video

The GUIZE ramps up for a new single release with the drop of their music video today and not only does it deliver in terms of a fantastical and catchy pop-rock song with elements of classic metal undertones and a righteous alternative rock backbone, but the music video itself gives you even more of the band's presence.

"Bardo House" does an outstanding job of hitting you with an incredible energy right off the bat and that energy is very infectious because along with it comes a ton of character and it's not just the vocalist, it's everyone in the band that has that same bright and exuberant character.

The song itself actually does have an almost live performance feel to it almost as if the players are feeding off of each other's energies the entire time and this gives it such a punch.

I love how they bring together elements of classic hard rock and metal songs and current pop-rock and alternative feel so that you're getting the best of different worlds all rolled into one song.

The way they fuse all of their influences is really impressive and it works because all the elements of this track between the guitars, drums, bass, and vocals, seem to complement each other perfectly well.

You can tell everyone involved is having an awesome time and not just for watching the music video either. You can hear this in the music and the song itself and it packs so much drive that you find yourself wanting to sing along with your fists in the air or jump around the living room.

I adore this aspect because to be able to capture that kind of energy on record is outstanding and makes you want to see the band live.

The music video itself pushes that envelope even further so that you can see everyone jamming and jumping around having an awesome time and the way everything is put together for the video itself is well thought out, but still a little bit loose because the band is not taking themselves overly seriously which is important with the track like this.

This is a fun, danceable track that has a killer hook and chorus that ends up sticking in your head for hours or even days after the song is ended and the only way to satiate that is to listen to the song again which in my opinion is smart songwriting, but I think these guys just write sounds like this naturally.

Again, it comes down to their influences and their love for the craft. And when I say that, I don't just mean their instruments or their vocals, I mean the craft of writing a song together and releasing something that bangs and is memorable.

The song speaks volumes for the band themselves and their color and persona that they deliver when they put out a song and it certainly leaves a mark.

Here's why I love bands like this one; they do things their own way with fewer boundaries than others it seems and when they put out a song or video, they pull out all the stops and show their colors.

These guys are a vibrant and energetic band that can put out catchy rock bangers that hit hard and in all the right spots but also have great arrangement and dynamic balance.

Professional musicians having a damn good time.

This is part of why the song is so addictive and fun.

Again, not taking yourself too seriously with certain kinds of music makes perfect sense and that's exactly what these guys are doing.

The glue for this song is the vocals and how they have such a perfect melody for the song itself and are saying with a gusto that lets you know it's party time.

The track itself doesn't release on Spotify or other music outlets until February 9th.

This music video is awesome and it's a pretty much perfect way to listen to the song for the first time anyway.

Check this out and turn it loud.

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