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The Graceful Edge of Alex Whiler

The powerfully passionate new release from Alex Whiler boasts all the best parts of a variety of genres all rolled up into one massive sound.

The Look Me In The Eye EP is a display of both alternative rock and a dream-esque set of story telling tracks that incorporate indie-pop and hold no boundaries.

Whether it's a beautifully woven piano ballad with cellos and swirling ambience, or a belting rock banger, it's Whiler's vocal performance that takes you to another place.

The songwriting and musicianship is outstanding but this leading lady's singing style is something that can engulf you when you least expect it and when a song ends, you almost have to snap out of it.

Descriptive and detailed lyrics paint pictures and do so with such a vibrant and colorful approach that it lets your imagination run with the song. This happens for almost every single song by the way.

It's amazing how the record goes through it's musical phases but also feels almost like a concept record or even like a play. These songs can feel theatrical sometimes.

This is a completely gorgeous EP that crosses genres and does so insanely gracefully.

Delve into this EP as soon as you can honestly. You will not regret it for a second.

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