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The Future Pop of PhoenixBlood

A fresh new EP from PheonixBlood just dropped and it's a future pop R&B crossover that comes through brimming with alternative edge and a slightly dark undertone at times.

The Bayou Boy EP is loaded with intense and catchy production, synths that feel vintage but come through polished and crisp, and a passionate coal performance on every single track.

The songs have a youthful energy and a tastefully outlandish songwriting style which combined gives the record a unique take on indie-pop all together.

PheonixBlood knows exactly ow to push the envelope using deep heavy beats, scattered intricate percussion and more vocal hooks that you can count on one record.

This EP holds true to what we feel like the next wave of pop music will be and PhoenixBlood is right on the forefront of it so take notes people.

Emotionally driven and descriptive, hard grooves and pop shine with perfectly rough edges when you least expect them, this is a release that shows this artist paving his path in the massive world of pop music.

Bayou Boy has a way of sticking with you for days and it creeps under your skin and has you thinking melodies from the record at random times.

A powerful pop achievement you need to crank up loud as soon as possible.

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