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The Delightful and theatrical Pop of David Arvisu

An Ep release from David Arvisu gives off a beautiful and lush soundscape that boasts a detailed and vividly painted set of songs and stories that all seem to be built from an emotional platform.

The EP is titled "B" and the songs all seem to tell a different story as strings fill the air and soft instrumentation accompany the smooth and soothing vocal approach the artist lets out.

This record is almost theatrical in a way as the songs swirl around you and let you get washed away with them.

They certainly have a way of grabbing your attention and it's done in a different way each time. Songs can have an acoustic pop feel with a radio friendly style and character and a contemporary undertone and those have some incredible hooks.

Arvisu has a ball doing his thing for sure. The vocals are robust but subtle and can grow from soft to epic in a matter of seconds flat.

The songs have this way of keeping you afloat in a strange way. You are always paying attention to the words and the music whisks you away.

It's easy to get engulfed in this release and it feels great to let that happen honestly.

This record came through with a gracefulness that is rarely heard these days and they could all be in a film as they all do have that emotional drive.

These songs make you think, they make memories poop up in your head, and they have a way of making you want to get up and do that thing you've been waiting to do. It's quite impressive.

This is for people that love those cinematic pop songs and ballads.

If you fall into that category, David Arvisu is your guys for sure.

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