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The Co$t of Life“Anchor Of Life”,

The Co$t of Life stands as Jason Irving's captivating endeavor within the realm of electronic pop and rock. Through this solo project, Irving weaves a musical tapestry that serves as a portal to his world, embracing both daring escapades and comforting refuge. Drawing inspiration from an array of sources, including the evocative pop harmonies of the ‘80s, the propulsive rhythms reminiscent of Linkin Park, the pulse of electronica and the emotive compositions akin to those crafted by Thomas Newman for film scores, Irving's musical journey becomes an intricate soundtrack to the diverse chapters of his life.

The first song I listened to was entitled “Anchor Of Life” and it starts with a soothing atmosphere. It’s quickly interrupted with a Linkin Park style rap style and guitar. My brain was trying to adjust to this dichotomy. It took a second but after a couple spins the song started to come together. I thought the more traditional singing was well done. As the song progressed it grew on me more and more.

“Just Me & You” combines slick guitar, atmospheric clouds and a solid rhythm section. There’s enough auto-tune on the vocals where it works more as an effect. On top of that, there's also a female vocalist. The song has a solid hook and I thought it was a solid song all around.

“Search The Night” was my favorite of the three and the most original sounding to me. The vocals, although heavily affected by vocals, sound good. It's explosive and the song is very dynamic. I think more songs in this type of style would benefit the artist.

Irving has talent but he also seems to be experimenting to perhaps find his signature sound. The atmospheric elements work well in the songs and think he’s onto something. I’m interested in hearing more from The Co$t of Life as he continues to release music and grow as an artist.

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