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The Chaw Drops A Picturesque Rock Opus

The Chaw dropped a fresh, super tight, catchy as hell, rock record that feels like a cinematic opus of sorts as the songs tell stories while riffs lay out deepening tones until choruses roll in and things get lush and full, poppy and danceable.

The songs on the Build Them an Image album are massive but sweet with addictive guitar work, rumbling drums and bass, and a character riddled vocalist that all come together with a huge bang and with color to boot.

The album is packed with hooks that you'll likely be singing for days after it's ended, and the melodies and progressions are badass to say the least of it.

These guys had a damn good time with this one and there are tons of elements that hint at classic 90's radio alt-rock that bring out these vast soundscapes and most touch on that anthemic and theatrical undertone.

These tracks run into each other like a concept album would and maybe that's exactly what this is.

The record is absolutely endless fun, and it has the gleaming edginess it needs to leave its mark.

You immediately get the feeling these guys are awesome to see live as the songs almost seem like the players are feeding off of each other's energies.

You get that experimental envelope pushing tone at times and ambient swimming synth pads other times and it all has the ability to breath and build while it crawls under your skin in the best ways possible.

There is this touch of nostalgia to it. It makes you think of a Nick Cave record sometimes. It doesn't hold the same sort of sound, but it has this aesthetic to it that you just fall right into and its incredibly comfortable.

This album is like a great horror film. You may think you know what is going to happen, but you can; wait to see it go down. It's the fun of it.

There are certainly layers here and the record is laced with tons of textures and engulfing feels.

This was quite a musical journey, and we love this kind of album.

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