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The brutally honest kick to the face that is DepopulateMontana

A fresh new release from DepolulateMontana gives off a classic fuzz toned, raw garage and punk feel with brutally honest lyrics intensely spewed out alongside bendy, energetic guitars and a healthy youthful aggression.

The Delete Montana album has some killer tonality and draws from all kinds of rock eras and sub-genres that allow the band to create some pop and danceable and still gritty rock songs.

Guitars twang and wretch with a colorful approach and the drums are spot on as vocals belt out with everything possible.

These songs feel like the best way for these guys to let out what needs to be let out. It's healthy as hell for them and they do it for no one but themselves which is exactly why its good.

The lo-fi aesthetic is nailed and it's all just such a natural showcase of a youth in rock that takes grunge, punk, garage, and more and roll it all into one mega bomb that gets dropped right in your face.

That are some really catchy melodic sections, and the band knows how to settle down into softer sections before bursting out with explosive energy and it all gives a badass presence that you just can't really forget.

The cool thing about all this is that the album has these layers to it. Almost like chapters.

There's a shit ton of honesty lurking beneath the surface of every song and it all comes down to genuine realness.

This record is a diary of sorts. A way to just push out the things that need to be said. The emotions that need to be pushed, and the drive that needs to go someplace positive instead of negative.

So this band is therapy for this young group of guys.

And it's fucking beautiful.

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