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The Boundless And Innovative Sounds Of Inducted

A fresh bange from Inducted brings on a unique and high energy single that boasts a heavy-handed emotional drive to go along with an electro rock style that takes off into an anthemic and powerful chorus and wraps itself around you with a brutal honesty that hooks into you.

"Professional Help" is a sure-fire rocker but also has loads of layers and textures that utilize a set of digital instrumentation and gives the song an added edginess that borders of a darkwave or industrial feel

The song has a great truthfulness to it that is its heart, and you can hear all kinds of different influences in the music and vocals from metal, and alternative. rock, to pop punk and electronica. The track is built with so many of these excellent elements that it becomes this hard hitting but incredibly melodic song.

The use of synths and keys to go along with beats and drums is an outstanding integration with the guitars that come in and push that chorus into another place all together.

Everything together becomes epic as hell and feels like an emotional overdrive and a cinematic rock masterpiece.

The cross-genre style and songwriting approach really showcases the artists ability to produce and create with less boundaries than most and this is part of what makes the music so addictive really.

There is a mystery and a touch of darkness undertone in the music, and it is evident enough to notice and pay attention to.

All in all, this was a very well built and woven single and if you have a minute to dive a little deeper into the Inducted catalogue, you'll find more than a few gems for your playlists.

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