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The Beautiful and honest music of megan brickwood

Megan Brickwood's "Northern County Line" portrays an honest and descriptive songwriter that can paint a picture with her words and create an entirely different life for you to step into.

The song features some gorgeous string sections, piano, and a passionate vocal performance that really shines in a cinematic flow.

The song has a contemporary pop feel to it that allows the song to breathe as it play making it feel alive.

The track has a way of whisking you away into her world and just when you get all caught up in it's sounds and emotion, it ends and you start it right over again.

Brickwood certainly isn't new to this style of songwriting as her EP release dubbed Where The Wind Lays Heavy is a beautiful and honest release that takes you through chapters in the artists life.

She holds nothing back when recording her songs and her heart gives everything a wonderful sheen and glow.

Her songs make you think. They make you remember and feel and that's something not easy to come by.

It's great to hear an artist that puts everything into her songs like this.

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