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Tame The Abyss Create A Classic Zombie Flick for their southern rock opus "Black Mold"

Tame The Abyss just dropped a southern rock banger with punk and classic rock undertones along with a fuzzy undertone and some alternative edge.

"Black Mold" is an endlessly fun, colorful and high energy melodic rock song with swelling surf guitars, twangy riffs, and belting soulful vocals.

The track has tons of balls and is a damn good time to listen to. A driving bass, and passionate singing along with massive sonic tonality creates such a melodic good time.

The song is complete with some killer lead guitar sections and and a crazy energy that feels youthful but sounds mature in its own right.

This is a sort of anthemic track that fits well for radio rock. Loads of heart.

Now, even better is the music video that comes with the single.

The video for "Black Mold" is the bands own version of an old school black and white zombie flick and it's a terrifyingly amazing time to be had by all.

A love letter to the classic Night Of The Living Dead, band members play their part in the zombie out break and still manage to rock out before getting eaten alive by the horde of zombies slowly approaching.

Fun, fun and more fun, Tame The Abyss knows exactly how to get your attention, nail the aesthetic, and have you coming back for more.

Obviously these guys have a huge love for what they do and that aspect shines.

Watch the video for "Black Mold" below.

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