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T.S. Tadin Drops a full album

Of all the songs off of the new album from T.S. Tadin, the title track from the record, is among our top pics as it is complete with bright pianos and a whirling pop signature that seems to help state the sound of what you can expect from this record.

"Pretty Boring" has a very particular way of making your day more engaging and even colorful in a way because it lets you in on some of the artist's personality and you get this almost Beatles-esque feel from the songs that follow and it's done with such vigor that it becomes something you want more of very quickly.

That fuzzy guitar sound that has an old-style distortion turned up as much as it can be turned up giving it just enough range to get dirty but catchy.

The album is of course called Pretty Boring, but it is the complete opposite of exactly that.

There's the essence of a lot of this record being based on being in love and all the many things that come along with it in terms of emotion, anxiety, and everything in between.

The approach to how the writing and arrangements are done for some of these songs really do beckon even 1950s style songwriting and it's brought into a sort of new playing field with different tones brought into the mix that of course you wouldn't really hear back then but sound great now.

These songs have a hook and as you listen to the record you know when it's coming with every new song you start, and I think that's something inspiring in terms of good songwriting.

We would definitely give this record at the very least an 8 out of 10 in terms of songwriting, arrangement, fun, inventiveness, and especially instrumental tones.

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