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Sweater For An Astronaut Gives A New Take On Spaced Out Doom Rock

Sweater For An Astronaut comes in swinging with there Corduroy Rocketship EP with massive sounds and songs that are packed to the brim with deepening riffs and melodic vocals that together, push the envelope bit by bit.

Songs on the EP are absolutely huge and satiate your hard rock heavy metal needs but blended with desert rock and heavily influenced by classic rock as well, this record is an ode to some of the greats in a way.

The EP is driven by harmonious and thickening riffs and guitar tone along with tastefully performed drumming and vocals that all come together for a damn good time.

With just a sprinkle of psych-rock in there, Corduroy Rocketship sets itself apart form many but keeps true to that doomy, heavy rock sound throughout.

Sweater For An Astronaut is a duo and like some other killer rock duo's out there, they need no one else to fill any gaps.

Spotify this EP and turn it up loud.

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