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Superbloom comes in swinging with their new single "Paper & Stone"

A fresh release from Superbloom takes and alternative edge and brings it into a soulful rock platform and sheds some color and passion to pop rock.

"Paper & Stone" feels a bit existential and has a powerful energy behind it that makes the song shine tin to each chorus and bridge and the song starts giving off a late 90's alt rock sound blended in with the sonic presence the band boasts.

The single rocks with guitar hooks and massive choruses along with musical swells and explosions that showcase the bands knack for bouncing off of each others energy.

You can hear the youthful gusto meshed with the mature songwriting style and it all feels like a radio rock song you may have heard before somewhere.

This is incredibly refreshing and honest in a straight forward lyrical way and the band really helps push the envelope for the vocals to perform with the passion the heart that they have.

That the thing. This band has heart. This song has heart. It's a track with layers and a deeper side but it also has that sound that just rocks well.

The accompanying video for the track is bright and also helps you see the bands actual live energy which is very alluring.

Superbloom has a massive love for their craft and this song really holds nothing back as it unfolds with emotion a melodic intensity along with some deep groove riffs that break out when you least expect them.

The single is full of surprises and each player is insanely essential to the songs alive and breathing feel.

This was awesome and we want more Superbloom.

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