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Stojanov & the Syndicate Drop A Massive Single

A new release from Stojanov & the Syndicate hits the ground running with a lush intro filled with horns and drums before it breaks into its rock backbone soundscape, but all instruments play such a wonderful part of this track from the organs to the drums, to the horns, to the guitars and it all comes together to create such a colorful soundscape that gives the feeling of being alive and breathing.

"Bricks" swells and sways as it plays on and the chorus is come through full-bodied and the unique thing about it is the way that the horns follow the rock guitar chords and how all of it has such a burst of energy when put together this way.

This was a sort of cinematic feeling track and came through with such a great level of intensity along with an energy that feels like all the players are just feeding off of each other the entire time which just makes you want to see them perform this live because if the energies like this on a recording, then seeing them live must be outstanding.

I absolutely love the way the vocal melodies float atop the rest of the track and how together everything feels almost orchestrated in a strange way.

This was beautifully done and with a lot of attention to detail to boot, however it never loses this heart or soul that it started out with in the first place and that may be the most important part.

There's a certain honesty in the lyrical content of the song and I think this delivers an important message that is very relatable and understandable so when you listen to the song the first time, I would suggest watching the music video that accompanies it because it is a lyric video but also a music video at the same time.

This is again, a unique and creative approach to not only delivering their message but having a way to showcase a different side of the creativity behind the band themselves.

The visuals that you get from the video do wonders for the song and really does wonders for the band's presence as well.

You can tell that everyone in this band has a pure love for their craft and I don't just mean their instruments, what I mean is building these songs and weaving them together the way that they do it.

This is not a cookie cutter rock song, and it involves so much unique energy and character that put a finger on its exact genre.

I love this because I think that this is what the future of music is really going to be all about.

I think we're all tired of putting our fingers on the pulse of certain genres or labeling bands and sounds.

I think it's time that we escape that, and this is an absolutely perfect example of what I mean.

You know what kind of music this is? It's good music.

This is music that makes you think and I can make you feel and that's exactly what we need more of in the music industry right now.

This is outside the box thinking but done with not only creative but professional musicianship from beginning to end.

These guys know exactly how to shape a song and that is very evident.

This track has a very particular way of wrapping itself around you and grabbing at your attention.

Every one of these guys has a passion for what they're doing and I think it all comes together when they do it as a band.

How many bands can we say that about?

I would definitely suggest checking this track out by a way of watching the music video which we've taken the liberty of embedding below, and keeping an eye out for these guys because they have a bunch of great singles and videos already released that all show different sides of there character as a band.

They are doing it right.

I give this a 9 out of 10 hands down.

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