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Steve Bonham and The Long Road

The Boys are Back with #MoonshineMusic! 🌟 After a two-year creative break, Steve Bonham and The Long Road return, electrifying the air with their unique blend of heavy acoustic country rock and Americana. 🔥 Introducing 'Ain’t Gonna Fake It!' – a song about going your own way turning your back on the pretence and the superficiality of a celebrity, disposable, fake world. This track, from our upcoming LP 'Requiem for Hard Country', is a raw expression of authenticity, crafted with the great guitar solos, thunderous drums, and soulful piano that define our sound. 🎧 Available now for streaming and download! Dive into the heart of Moonshine Music, a journey that promises high-energy performances and melodies that resonate long after the song ends. 🤘 Born from a dream to rediscover and reinvent America's rich musical heritage, our band combines the diverse talents of songwriter Steve Bonham, the New Orleans vibes of Chris ‘The Bishop’ Lydon, and the rock’n’roll spirit of ‘The Big Man’ Kev Moore. 🏆 Praised for our "ambitious, hypnotic" sound (Fatea Magazine), a "renegade-Anglo touch" (Rock’n’Roots), and being "out of the ordinary" (Maverick Magazine), we're here to deliver a music experience like no other. 🌙 Join us on this extraordinary musical odyssey with Steve Bonham and The Long Road. #AintGonnaFakeIt #RequiemForHardCountry #AuthenticMusic Artisan Creative Christopher Lydon Kev Moore Steve Bonham Steve Bonham and The Long Road Woodworm Studios

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