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Staring At the Ceiling are Back at it With a Chill Single

Instrumental duo Staring at the Ceiling returns with a refreshing single that has a warm and welcoming way of putting you at ease with its laid-back and expansive sort of tone and as it plays through you end up getting hooked on guitar lines and grooving along with the classic almost '90s hip hop beat that it gives off.

We're no strangers to the musical stylings of this duo and I can tell you right now that every time I hear a new track from them it's got a way of relaxing me and I also enjoy how they blend in this nostalgic sort of old school vibe with their mixture of tones and guitar work.

"Kickflip" (featuring Snazz) hits the mark it was going for without question and these guys always have a beautiful way of creating songs that sort of flow over you like waves in the ocean.

It feels good to listen to their stuff because it lets your mind sort of be free and I think this is what part of their goal has been the entire time.

Being able to take elements of classic hip-hop, bringing in some jazz elements, you get piano here and there you get such an almost fantastical undertone that it can have a way of letting your mind and body become in sync.

The Allentown, PA duo got together and started making music with their first releases on Spotify beginning last year in 2023 but you can tell that they found each other almost like musical soulmates in a way.

It's very easy to fall into these layered guitars and kicked back feel and that's part of what this kind of stuff is all about.

The thing about music like this is that it's got to be done right for that aesthetic to come through the way it was meant to and these guys always know exactly how to put out a song that feels like it's them and that has a way of giving off a certain kind of authenticity.

For me, when I listen to them, I think about moments from childhood and even teenage years at times but that's because of how the music comes together and where it actually takes me which is the important aspect of this.

Where will the music take you?

It will certainly take you somewhere because that's its point. It's going to be different for everybody so each listener will experience the music a little bit differently but that's because they take it into their own life.

This is not something that could be done with just any kind of music so for me it's kind of like a gift received.

These guys know how to compose a track that can really help put your mindset in a specific place and "Kickflip" is a perfect example of that.

It's almost like a stress-relieving song.

Take a swim through this track when you get a chance and listen to more from their catalog because if you like one song, you're going to like them all.

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