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Spotlight Interview With Rafa

The latest from Rafa is an absolute banger called "Fight No More" and it's completely danceable genre bending pop track that utilizes an array of instrumentation to create something fresh.

The track comes off colorful and vibrant as beats hit hard, horns layout hooks, and pop meets hip hop and make an addicting single that doesn't let up.

"Fight No More" (featuring Sam Welch) is high energy and damn fun to listen to. So much so that there's no way you could not get up and start dancing. It's got the ability to make you rise up and dance around whatever room you're in.

There's a blend of old and new school elements mixed together that also gives the song a familiar feel but all while bringing something new to the table. A tasteful track that works so well for all ages and races.

With such a killer song, we had to have a talk with Rafa about how this was written and what's next for the producer and songwriter.

RAG: Let's start with "Fight No More". This track has a great flow and cross of pop and hip hop all with a vibrant sheen to it. How do you produce songs like this? What do you use to produce your tracks and where does it start for you?

Rafa: I think the idea of my track being engaging to many people and playable in most situations is what appeals to me the most when I’m creating music. I’ve always loved pop, so naturally I gravitated towards that, after starting out and learning in house music. I guess this is where ‘fight no more’ gets its sound - sort of a mix of clubby hard hitting drums but with a hip hop foundation in a pop structure. I think it’s quite unique in that aspect. Sams vocals also really pieced it together amazingly. How to create something like this - well I think you need a good understanding of club sonics and where you can push the boundaries while maintaining a mainstream ‘easy listening’ sound but keeping the energy high...It’s tricky balancing act.

I use Fl studio to make my music, and unless I have a melody that pops in my head it’s usually experimenting with melodies or chord progressions and going from there. Then the ‘bigger picture’ will usually appear in my head on what the song will be. It’s an exciting process.

RAG: When and how did you start producing?

Rafa: I started quite late, when I was around 24. Bought Fl studio and started playing around, learning off YouTube videos. I’m 34 now so it’s still been a lot of hours of practice RAG: Do you feel like producing songs is something that came naturally to you or did it take time to evolve

Rafa: I think I always had an ear for melodies and song structures, but the mixing took me the longest to really get my head around, I think because it goes so deep if you’re really asking a lot of questions (which I do) especially when you’re crossing genres or sounds. I want to understand everything and be able to explain in detail how I know what I know. And then for me that means that I REALLY understand. So,

yes it took time to evolve RAG: What does someone like you do when you're NOT working on music?

Rafa: I’m a concreter so It’s still my bread and butter goin to work around 4 days a week. As for recreation I like art, I do a bit of drawing, I study other things in my spare time like health and fitness, also chiropractic. RAG: What kind of things influence you that are not musical?

Rafa: I would say that just stopping and looking around at nature can be very inspiring RAG: What kind of advice would you give other aspiring producers out there just trying to get heard?

Rafa: First of all I think it’s a cliche but it’s true that you need to find your own sound. Secondly I think it’s great to learn production by practising to recreate already existing sounds(in all different genres). But it will never really stand out in my opinion. Above all I think you need to have big belief in your ideas and feel inspired and happy and not force or rush the process. RAG: What's next for you as an producer?

Rafa: I’m just having fun. Creating what I like, enjoying the process and keeping my sounds hopefully evolving slightly. Creating even some quite random instrumentals also! Lol so we’ll see how that goes

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