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Spotlight Interview With pat Knox

Pat Knox just dropped a fresh banger with an invasive groove and a hard mix of Hip Hop, R&B, and indie-pop and it comes through with an array of colorful vigor.

"Come Over" gets descriptive enough to paint a vivid picture and the lyrical phrasing is absolute fire as the songs flow is unstoppable the entire time.

The song's chorus is a massive hook that you end up humming to yourself much later in the day and it's got a powerful hook.

This single is a prime example of a youth in hip hop songwriting today. Artists that blend genres together without building walls round it in order to abide by any rules. This is what makes Knox so alluring and also what makes great art in almost any form.

Don't get me wrong, "Come Over" is a radio track and is very radio friendly, smooth, and tastefully performed, but it's got that feeling of freedom.

From the first few seconds you know it's gonna be a great song but you also kind of know it's gonna be a touch outside the box just because it can be.

Pat Knox is known for making songs that can get you attached quickly but also bring surprises along the way.

With such a great single, we wanted to have a talk with Pat about the song and what's next for him as an artist.

Here's what happened:

RAG: Okay so let's star with "Come Over". This track had a real R&B sensibility and loads of swagger. Where did this song come f rom?

Pat: I appreciate that a lot. Come Over started with this alluring as hell beat my long-time friend made. He had this crazy melody and hook for it: "When I come over, I am not sober." I wrote the rest of the chorus and verses just trying to keep the vibe in the stratosphere, where it took me. Then I took it to the studio I work at and recorded the vocals, mixed and mastered it.

RAG: I can hear some different songwriting phases between "Come Over", "All For The Dream" and "G.O.D.". they all have something different to bring to the game. What artists really influenced you?

Pat: Definitely. I think those phases are all solid representations of where I was in my journey as a songwriter. I love how they bring me right back to when I was writing them too. When I made "G.O.D." and "All For The Dream," I felt like I had unlocked a new level from my last project, and the same thing happened when "Come Over" was done. I'm influenced by all types of artists, but the ones who stick out for me in hip hop are Andre 3000, Lil Wayne, Drake, Eminem, and Kid Cudi.

RAG: How did all of this start for you?

Pat: All of this started when I began writing a bunch of lyrics around 2012. My friend and now roommate (the same one who co-wrote "Come Over" with me) had been making beats low key for a while. Life took its ups and downs and we eventually linked and started to make a serious push in 2018.

RAG: What sort of things inspire you to write?

Pat: When I see or experience things that leave a lasting impact on me, I'll write about it. It could come from happy situations or sad ones. Either directly happening to me or someone I'm close to. I like to write in ways that evoke emotions and move people in positive ways.

RAG: What is someone like you doing when you're NOT working on music?

Pat: When I'm not working on music, I definitely like to be active. Playing sports with friends like basketball, football, etc. I'm a big movie watcher over shows. I like making visual content for sure, and exploring new food is always a jam.

RAG: Did you used to play shows before? Will you be putting focus on live performance when the time comes?

Pat: I used to play live shows before and I do plan on focusing on that again asap. It's an important aspect of being an artist and one that I miss. Being able to connect with the people right there in front of you is a powerful and fortunate experience to have. Last year was a big reminder of that for me. I can't wait to get back.

RAG: What's next for you as an artist? Anything in the works even now?

Pat: Following "Come Over," will be my next single called "I'm On." Look out for the video for that one too. It'll pick up where the story line for the "Come Over" video left off. We wanted to make them like they were episodes of a show. Soon after that, my album will drop. That'll all happen within this next month.

RAG: I love the cover shot for "Come Over". Did you have that idea when you did the track or did that come later?

Pat: Thank you a bunch, that came later after we had the concept for the video. We wanted it to make them correlate.

RAG: You've been dropping EP's and singles on Spotify since 2019. What kind of advice would you have for other up and coming artists trying to get heard?

Pat: Some things I've learned that help me now since I started making a run at this would be to stay consistent, do it for you, be yourself no matter what, recognize the small victories along the way, and be resilient.

RAG: Before we go, what would you want to say to fans of the music?

Pat: Get ready! It's about to be a hell of a ride and we not letting off the gas.


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