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Spotlight Interview With Ornate

Ornate has released a single that feels ready for airwaves with it's crossed genre style bringing rap and alt rock together seamlessly.

"Never Break Me Down" is an against the odds track that shows a fighting victory and gives a Lincoln Park feel with their own twist.

A catchy chorus and plenty of fresh energy, smooth flows and aggressive crunching guitars all make for a killer song that displays some smart songwriting and an unfiltered way to incorporate realness lyrically, massive musical hooks, and and edge that still comes off very positive.

With a track that has so much to offer, we wanted to have a talk with Ornate to find out more of where it came from and what to expect next from the band.

RAG: Okay guys let's start with "Never Break Me Down". This is a real cross genre

track that incorporates rock, hip hop, and more all rolled into one solid track!

Where did this come from? 

Wes: the idea for this track was derived from a country song I wrote prior to Ornate

being formed. What rendered from that idea was the chorus for “Never Break me

Down” -I decided to try slowing down the tempo and adding Yanick.

RAG: How long have you been doing this? How did this all start for you? 

Renaissance: I proposed a project that Wes and I could attempt since I wasn’t able

to get a deal done with his band a few years back. It took a few days for it to sink in I

think for Wes. But we got to work right away in summer of 2019

Wes: Once our heads collided, Ornate was born.

RAG: What bands really influenced you guys?

Derek: The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rage Against thé Machine, Incubus, Bad


Wes: Pearl Jam, Chris Cornell, Incubus, Stone Temple Pilots, Pantera.

Renaissance: Jay-Z, Mobb Deep, The Roots, Wu-Tang Clan & Das Efx

RAG: What next for you as a band? Anything in the works even now?

Wes: we are about to release our 2nd single “Good Times” featuring 2 guest artists.

Mixing hip-hop and rock a bit deeper this time, we like to test the waters with

everything we do. The audience won’t believe what is coming their way!

Renaissance: We were very excited to collaborate with artists Choclair and DJ

Flipcyde on ‘’Good Times’’. We Cannot wait to get this one out to our audience!

We’re also working on a few other tracks that are heavier in sound. We’re also

working on a remix/cover/tribute of Audioslave’s Like a Stone.

RAG: Did you used to play live shows before? Do you think you'll be planning

gigs when the time comes?

Renaissance: I started in 1996, and have stepped on stages across this country

solo and part of various groups. After Covid, we are looking forward to performing

live again, but in the meantime, streaming on every platform is extremely important

for us.

Derek: I travelled across Ontario performing with punk band Muelkik, and had other

experiences far earlier in my life. Meshing our styles live onstage

will be exciting to see for the first time

RAG: What does someone like you do when you're not working on music?

Derek: We all have careers and home lives in addition to our music.

I love camping, fishing, 4 Wheeling and snowboarding.

Wes: Playing & creating music, dirtbiking and hanging with friends in the process.

Drew: I enjoy hunting, and the great outdoors.

Renaissance: I love travelling and exploring Canada. This country is beautiful, and

has so much to offer! My daughters are my life, and they keep me busy enough as

well but that’s a good thing, helps keep a head clear.

RAG: What kind of advice would you give other aspiring artists out there just

trying to get heard?

Renaissance: For the first few years, just listen to yourself, your intuition. People

who support you will come years down the line, once you’ve built yourself up.

Listen to your heart and your brain simultaneously. If you do this, you will come

through for yourself every time you have an obstacle to overcome.

Music is different from every other industry. YouTube has had a huge influence over

the years. Believe in yourself, and do not steer away from your goals. Go get it!!

Wes: believe me when I say that every struggle, every disappointment, every

stress, every heartbeat and every breath you put into your passion is worth every bit

of it in the end. Success is achievable for anyone who believes in themselves, and

are willing to follow their dreams, no matter what it takes.

What sort of non-musical things influence you to write?

Wes: I would say that my biggest influence in regards to writing music would

simply be "life"; the good, the bad, the happy and the sad. Everything and everyone

has a place in this world, just like every feeling and every emotion has a place inside

of a song. To me, life is a song that changes its melody, tempo, and the key in every new

verse  -  It's the song worth writing.

RAG: Before we go, what would you like to say to fans of your music?

Derek: a huge thank you for all of the love and support. Big things are coming, so

stick around. The sky is the limit!

Wes: Bigger, better, louder, all thanks to you guys.

Renaissance: Keep supporting us the way you do because the love you show us

keeps us motivated and inspired to produce music.

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