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Spotlight Interview With Live Vinyl

Live Vinyl just dropped an intensely funky classic rock banger called "Rock you Through The Night" and it has the aesthetic of genuine early 70s soul and funk.

This single has one hell of a groove and it's outrageously danceable and fun.

From the percussion, to those soulful vocals and guitars, this track has so much heart and vibrancy it's addicting.

Plenty of hooks in the chorus and even that riff will get your attention in seconds flat.

Tasteful wah guitar solos, and singing sections that bounce off of each other just all nails that feel.

Everything about this song hits the mark.

"Rock You Through The Night" is a perfect follow up to the bands previously released "Get Out Party Today" which has a more Santana vibe going on but keeps that staple sound Live Vinyl is known for.

These songs are sing out loud with the band type of performances that really just make you want to see this band play live in front of you.

With such a fun set of songs, we wanted to have a chat with Live Vinyl about where these came from and what's next for them as a band.

RAG: Okay so let's start with "Rock You Through The Night". This track has quite a deep groove incorporating funk, disco, and soul into your rock sound. Where did this track come from?

LV: This song musically was inspired by the bands Rock Funk and R&B influences. It is written as our opening song for live performance. We play this, then follow with our other original "Get out Party Today". The lyrics basically tell the story of the band motivating the audience for a great night of live dance rock, and funk music. Like most of our originals it uses multiple voices, with Grace Nazario leading the main verses. RAG: This was quite a great follow up to your previous single "Get Out Party Today" which also grooves well but in a different style. What bands influence you guys?

LV: "Get out Party Today" as a song on it's own was influenced by Carlos Santana, We play Santana covers at our shows, so he is a band influence, along with modern Pop artists like Kelly Clarkson, Pink, old school singers as in Aretha Franklin, Janis Joplin, 90's artists, singers like Alanis Morissette, Lenny Kravitz, Black Crows. We also play, and our originals are written from influences from earlier bands, The Rolling Stones, Jefferson Airplane, Jefferson Starship, Iron Maiden, Led Zeppelin, Grand Funk Railroad, Sly Family Stone. You might be able hear bits of these artists in our songs. RAG: How did this all begin for you?

LV: The band was started by Peter Mormoris who started a band to play local restaurants, bars, music clubs, dance halls, and outdoor beach clubs in the NYC Long Island area. After two years of doing covers we created the band identity, writing originals and doing covers with an original style. RAG: What's next for you as a band? Anything in the works even now?

LV: We are working on our new EP called "Living in the 2020's", which includes our current singles, with alternate mixes/versions, and new songs. Each new song will be released about six or so weeks from each other. You can expect the next to be middle to late February 2021. The reveal, for the next song is the title, which will be called "Faith or Hate?". The EP tells the story of a post COVID world and social issues America faces today and recent history. "Get out Party Today" was written about a pre and post COVID life around the world, the lyric video can be found here,

You can see live versions of our original on our YouTube channel as well. RAG: You all seem like seasoned musicians. What kind of advice would you have for up and coming bands that are trying to get heard?

LV: For us, music is art, not just an exercise in playing an instrument. In our opinion the most important part of creating and playing music in a band is finding people you like to play with. Try to have patience, learn to enjoy and respect each member's role in the band. Write music that evokes emotion to each band member and for the listener. What are you doing when you're NOT working on music?

LV: Peter Mormoris owns an Apple Dealership and works with his son selling servicing Apple computers. Grace is an executive account representative for a large auto insurance company. Joe D'Agostino is a computer network engineer for many large corporations. Mike Felice is an accountant executive for a large real estate corporation. David Karp is a lead sales advertising executive. Ronnie Di Russo is an operations manager at a large food organization, last but not least Jon Paul Montavlo is a technical engineer at a power company. RAG: What kind of things inspire you guys to write?

LV: Life experiences social experiences and world events. RAG: Do you get together to rehearse? Will you be focusing on live performance when the time comes?

LV: We rehearsed a lot at first, now we rehearse before gigs or every three weeks or so. We are now working our new originals. RAG: Before we go, what would you like to say to fans of the music?

LV: Thank you for listening to us and all the feedback. Thank you for following us on all online platforms. We are looking forward to this New Year to get out and play live for many audiences. Please stay safe, stay tuned, and we will see you all very soon, CHEERS!

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