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spotlight Interview With kristian Montgomery and the winterkill band

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

With the release of the new single "American Fire", Kristian Montgomery and The Winterkill Band digs into some hot topics happening in the world today.

The single goes straight for the throat even with it's opening line "Well the president, he's a fucking liar" and pretty much sets the stage for what you're about to hear next.

What some may say to each other, these guys put into song and it's a brave and powerful punch to the gut complete with banjos and steel strings.

The Americana, politically fueled "American Fire" holds nothing back and even with its sure fire bluntness, does so with a tasteful and catchy tune.

We had to have a chat with Kristian about this song and about the band. Here's what we learned.

RAG: Okay Kristian, "American Fire" is a very upfront and political track. Where exactly did this song come from?

Kristian: American fire came from a frustration in out politics, labor force and way of life in the states. We work til we die and the family dynamic has turned us all into competitors instead of neighbors. We work for a small group of wealthy people who wouldn't know a hard days work if it were shoved up their asses.

RAG: We're hearing plenty of heavy Americana and Country sounds in this song. It's very strong and passionate in regards to lyrics of course. Can you tell us who may have influenced you guys musically? What bands that really changed or inspired you?

Kristian: The album was influenced by Johnny cash, willie Nelson, Chris Whitley and a few others. We are hoping it continues to gain attention as the election and political theater gets more intense . I'm hoping Amy McGrath uses it for her election in Kentucky.

RAG: We think "American Fire" stands out and talks about issues bluntly and that's not something you hear too often in this style of music. Are you shopping to reach people with this track? Getting a point across like this sometimes causes some heat. Do you expect that?

Kristian: Country music has become more right wing propaganda in the states. Beach blankets beer and guns. It used to be about blue collar work, honesty, family , love. But its been abused as the hippies became yuppies and the punks became yuppies and yeah even the cowboys became yuppies music has become a very upper class monopoly. Theirs not a lot of musicians who come from the streets anymore. You have to be wealthy to get out there....unless you're like me and just have to do it and give up other things to do it.

RAG: How did this all start for you?

Kristian: I began playing in Rock bands after my stint in the church choir. I always meshed country and rock together and its become a sub genre that folks have a hard time defining. We are me.

RAG: This isn't your first rodeo. Your album The Gravel Church has certainly gained you a fan base and followers. Did you expect things to pick up so much when you first started this project?

Kristian: I knew these songs were special. The album has been received really well by critics and fans. Its been great, we have that blue collar just trying to get by vibe that connects with people. We work hard to do this and make music and we know that people need a break because they're worked to death in the states.

I can say full heartedly, yes. I am truly proud that when I hit "send files" to my distributer, I absolutely did the best I could do, at that moment in time.

RAG: "American Fire" is a very current song and a great follow up to your previous full length album. Are you planning on releasing more singles throughout the rest of this year?

Kristian: We have a new album "Prince of poverty " coming out soon and American fire was just a tastes of what's to come.

RAG: Is there anything you'd like to express to your fans before we go?

Kristian: I appreciate you asking questions and every bit helps. Hopefully everything will change soon and music will once again be the means by which we can all become close again....instead of distant.

Check out Kristian Montgomery and The Winterkill Band.

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