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Spotlight Interview With Driven Out

A new releases from Driven Out brings on some classic rock influenced garage rock with an alternative undertone and some gritty attitude that blends in some killer melodic vocals with memorable riffs and a swagger that becomes infectious.

The Inspired By You album is packed with some insanely addictive hooks and choruses that stay with you for hours and even days.

Guitars are dirty but tight and performed with character and passion along side the bands genuine rock feel layered with textures and vibrant punch packing power.

Elements of classic punk rock as well as blues rock bands like MC5 and Black Sabbath show face here and there but Driven Out utilizes a huge array of influences in there music which makes it quite it's own really.

This band is a completely tasteful style of straight rock n' roll that when you hear it, you want more. Not only that but you also want to see them live.

With such a beefy record, we wanted to have a talk with the guys to find out where it all comes from.

Here's how it went down.

RAG: Okay guys, let's start with the Inspired By You album. This record has a killer hard rock feel with tons of hooks! Where did this record come from?

Driven Out: The creation and birth of the album is due to vocalist/lyricist Christian Higgins-Hernandez and Guitarist Ryan Alzina. This album features a collection of songs that were embryonic seeds within the span of these last 5 years. The duo started performing at charitable events and fundraisers in local areas until COVIID hit. It was during that time the two began the mission to create the album being talked about today.

RAG: I'm hearing plenty of rock styles on this record. Who are some bands that influenced you all?

Driven Out: The band is tightly knitted and strongly bonded yet the group’s influences are eclectic and unique to each other. There are more than a few different groups who have influenced us over the years. Bassist Jay thrives in early 70’s and mid 80’s LA punk, Guitarist Ryan Alzina has crafted his style from 80s-90s rock and metal, Drummer Choice Ricketts is heavily into hip hop, electronic, and beat driven music, Vocalist Christian Higgins-Hernandez has more of a flare for jazz and dance with a love for the vibrance of pop.

RAG: How did this all start for you guys?

Driven Out: Christian, Ryan, and Choice have known each other since jr. high. Christian and Ryan would play music together after school and support each-other’s individual musical ventures through the years. Christian played guitar for the high energy punk band Leer Jet. It was through them he met Jay. Jay would join the trio and from there the rest is history.

RAG: What are you guys doing next? Anything in the works even now?

Driven Out: Right now, with the COVID guidelines relaxing, we are in talks to play a couple venues while we film the video to our first single “Change”.

RAG: With things getting better out there, will you be focusing on any life performances?

Driven Out: You can bet that we will hit the stage very soon.

RAG: What are you all doing when you're NOT working on music?

Driven Out: The group are just normal guys who indulge in and appreciate all the gifts life has to offer. It’s rare to ever find them pulled away from music, but if you were to, more than likely they’re helping others with their craft, spending time with loved ones, or sharpening any other tools and skills.

RAG: Who are you all listening to right now?

Driven Out: Right now Jay is hooked on Adam and the Metal Hawks, Christian is listening to BadBadNotGood, Choice is always drumming along to Daft Punk and Gorillaz, and Thank You Scientist currently has Ryan’s attention!

RAG: How do you guys write your songs? Is it riffs first or lyrics? It's different for everyone. How does it work for you guys?

Driven Out: Currently, it’s between Christian and Ryan. They have all these riffs, structures, and ideas that you just watch get frankensteined right before your very eyes. It’s a trip and pretty neat. Christian and Ryan are melody focused first. The inspiration for the lyrics derives from Christian’s personal experiences and personal observation of other’s views.

RAG: Can we expect any music videos from this record?

Driven Out: We have plans to film a music video for "Change" which we hope will be out by the end of summer. We have future plans for “Wild” as the next video afterward. A third video is tied between “Defend” and “Spitting Fire”.

RAG: Inspired By You Felt like a big undertaking. What advice would you have for other up and coming bands out there?

Ryan- To never let go and stay persistent to your own creation! If you believe in something that is great, it will be great.

Jay- Honestly the best advice I can give is just move forward. It’s very easy to start up something and let it fall through your hands and you lose it. (If you think) music is your passion, then (you) grab it and run with it. No matter where it takes you, keep going forward and you will find where you are meant to be.

Choice- To any new upcoming artists, be true to yourselves and your music. Never give up and push through. There will be many obstacles but you got to look forward and push through to the finish.

Just enjoy the music and push on!

Christian- All it takes is all you got. Everyone has at least one good song in them so let it be heard.

RAG: Before we go, what would you like to say to fans of the music?

Driven Out: "Inspired By You" is a project that will make fans feel nostalgic and hopeful at the same time that rock music is still the greatest genre alive! Thank you for all the support and the love. It really means a lot to all of us! We can’t wait to see all of you at our shows and we look forward to seeing where this road before us leads! We want to build a community where all are welcomed! Dreams can and will come true. You just need to be driven out!

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