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Smooth Retsina Glow – Gemini Reign

Smooth Retsina Glow is an indie rock band that hails from Lehigh Valley. The band formed in 2019 and there have been many changes in the lineup since then. Now the current members consist of Colin Wolf, Sarah Stoll, Jacob Wolfe and Brian Dercas. Together they bring to the table a great dreamy, atmospheric and great indie rock sound on their latest release Gemini Reign. Though a relatively new band, the group has their sound down pat. They know what they’re going for and go at it with aplomb.

Gemini Reign begins with “Turn To Hubris” that starts out with some rambunctious guitars. Next, comes the male lead vocal’s smooth vocal harmonies. His voice reminded me a lot of The Beatles and I thought there was tons of melody to this track, which I enjoyed. The band was really tight-knit here. Their synchronized musicianship made for a great sound. “Overcoming” was a total 180 from the previous song. Here, only the sparse sounds of the electric guitar come in. Next, the female lead vocals fill the sound for a great ambience. I loved the singer’s voice here. Her voice is really clear and she definitely adds a melodic dimension to the band’s sound. Gradually, the male lead vocals arrive for a compelling duet. “Bound By Desire” starts off with some funky vibes. This reminded me of disco music from the ‘70s. The sounds were really fun-loving. The male lead vocals were really a blast to listen to.

Some psychedelic guitars roll in on “All Your Past Times.” I was reminded of Santana. When the male lead vocals enter the vibes, the sound then slows down for a sauntering and slow burning vibe. I enjoyed the meandering buildup here. The guitars also sounded great. Some stirring and melodic guitar riffs arrive on “Backsliding.” Gradually, some keys also make an appearance. Throughout all of this, the female lead vocals whisper strands of lyrics. There was a jazzy appeal to this track. The smooth and cool tones reminded me a lot of lounge music. This proved to be a very atmospheric song.

The radioactive sounds emerging from “Short Handed” were definitely invigorating. The guitars were a wall of sound. There was a touch of country-punk energy to this track which I thought sounded really good. The band really goes all out here.

On “She Won’t Be Home,” more lounge vibes come into this track. The female lead vocals sounded really nice. There was also a touch of island flavor to this song which I loved. On “Eternal Now,” some funky guitars and keys light up the sounds. Next, the crystalline vocals of the female lead artist arrive for a moving display of sounds. I liked the simple but emotionally resonating sound. A great listen from beginning to end. Some electronic riffs sound out on “Gemini Reign.” Next, the wall-to-wall guitars arrive for a heavy and aggressive sound. I was instantly getting metal vibes. The sound was distinctly different from the band’s previous sound. It definitely has a harder edge. The male lead vocals are executed in a fast-paced punk rock fashion. I enjoyed the energy of this closer!

I loved the band’s sound on this record. Everything came together really well; from the psychedelic guitars, to the dreamy sound coming from the lead male and female vocalists, to how ambient and atmospheric everything sounded. This was an exciting start from the band and I definitely can’t wait to see what they have in store for listeners next!

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