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**FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE** **Explosive Nu-Metal Single “Help” Ignites the Scene with a Heavy, Upbeat, and Uplifting Bounce** [BUFFALO, NY] — Brace yourselves for an electrifying explosion of sound as the nu-metal powerhouse, SIXPIN, drops their scorching new single, “Help,” on October 31, 2023. Fusing the raw aggression of nu-metal with the infectious energy of the 2010s, this track promises to be a game-changer. “Help” is an adrenaline-packed anthem that revives the nu-metal spirit with its heavy riffs, thundering drums, and searing vocals. The song's relentless energy, coupled with its modern sensibility, creates an electrifying atmosphere that will leave listeners craving more. But “Help” isn't just about aggression – it's an uplifting journey that resonates with anyone seeking a musical escape. Its lyrics, dripping with intensity, tell a story of resilience, pushing through adversity, and emerging stronger than ever. The track's catchy hooks and powerful melodies are guaranteed to have you bouncing with each beat. Prepare to dive headfirst into the sonic maelstrom as SIXPIN takes nu-metal to a new level, infusing it with an infectious, upbeat fervor that's impossible to resist. Don't miss out on the release of “Help.” Stay tuned to your favorite streaming platforms and SIXPIN’s social media channels for its official release on October 31, 2023. This single is sure to reignite your passion for nu-metal and leave you with an unforgettable musical experience. For further information, press inquiries, or interview requests, please contact: Andy Mitchell

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