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Shab Returns with a Hot and Heavy Music Video

Shab returns with a hot and heavy single that has a cross between future and dance pop as it goes driving into the night on a hot summer night with passionate vocals and series of synthwave sounds that serve as a hard hitting and edgy backbone which compliments her sultry and alluring vocals.

"Sexual" gets your blood pumping and feels like a sweaty night on the dance floor in a night club somewhere in downtown Miami. neon lights glowing on the walls and lights flashing and pumping around you.

This track has such a colorful and vibrant feel to it that it becomes endlessly addictive and that groove and hook which by the way, is pure genius as she uses her voice as an instrument, works like a charm.

The track does bear a house sound and feel just beneath the surface, and it helps really give it that edginess and drive with that thumping kick beat and swelling synth tones.

This was a fun and super danceable single. You will certainly have trouble NOT dancing to this one as it was made for moving to.

Shab performs with such vivid character and the music video that accompanies this song is also a pure showcase of how alluring she actually is.

This was incredibly alive and feverish in a way.

A killer single with just the right crisp grit to grab hold and not let you go.

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