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Sex Glands Drops A Face Melting EP

Sex Glands just dropped a fuzztone garage riot rock EP that breaches that 90's grunge boundary and steps into a fierce and addictive, raw energy driven masterpiece.

The self titled EP is full of lo-fi hooks and loads of intense and fun guitar work along with experimental and tripped out production at times all while vocals hit with swagger and endless gusto.

Songs are incredibly invasive and all have their own feel to them and with all the fuzz going on, there are massive melodies that make things infectious.

A combination of make and female vocals bounce off of each other and crew chants are punk rock fueled.

Classic grunge is always showing face and within a few tracks you are swimming in the bands textures and sounds.

Some of these tracks hit like whiplash and you just know the band must melt faces live. And you wish you could see them live indeed.

You can hear the level of love and fun they had creating this record and how they feed off each others energies to make things alive and breathing.

The drummer is everything, bringing that wild feel and letting each song sound like a sucker punch to the back of the head.

Sex Glands is out of hand in all the best ways.

This release has a major youthful overtone to it and it feels great to listen to all together.

Dig into Sex Glands. Any fans of riot-rock, grunge, garage rock or anything that hits hard will love this.

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